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Rabbit Breeding for Beginners


One of my does carring hay to make a nest for her litter.

Hello! Welcome to my new website, Rabbit Breeding for Beginners. This is a site that has a friendly overview of all the basics to rabbit breeding. It has information that should come in handy whatever your age. This website is for all ages, and is not directed solely towards children. Rabbit breeding is a great hobby for adults, too, and I encourage you to explore this wonderful topic as much as you can. I will say that although most of the information I have listed is documented, some is my experience, which believe me, will come in handy. If you have any problems that you don't know how to handle, you shouldn't call me, you should call your veterinarian. Before you get alot of rabbits and start breeding, I encourage you to find a good rabbit/exotic small mammal veterinarian, because not many vets know how to handle rabbits as well as some other animals. Now go explore, and have fun with rabbit breeding!

Date last modified: 7/11/99